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Fair copy   /fɛr kˈɑpi/   Listen
Fair copy

A clean copy of a corrected draft.

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"Fair copy" Quotes from Famous Books

... time," she said, "if you write the rough draft of the letter from my dictation. I am accustomed to dictate my letters, with Minna for secretary. Of course, you shall see the fair copy before I ...
— Jezebel • Wilkie Collins

... a picture of what 'twas like?" The boy readily consented, and given a piece of paper, proceeded to set down, from his memory of the outline and from the general measurements he had taken, a very fair copy of the original. The ex-buccaneer leaned over him as he drew, and shook his head doubtfully as the work went on. "No," he said when the boy had finished, "I can't recall such a bay just this minute. An' as there was nothin' on it to tell where it might be, I don't ...
— The Black Buccaneer • Stephen W. Meader

... of preface, the general effect of which is that the copy is not that actually taken in court, though it is a true copy in regard to the notes of what was said; but that the writer has added to it some 'remarkable passages' that took place during the trial, and has made this present fair copy of the whole, intending at some favourable time to publish it; but has not put it into longhand, lest it should fall into the possession of unauthorized persons, and he or his family be deprived of ...
— Ghost Stories of an Antiquary - Part 2: More Ghost Stories • Montague Rhodes James

... the printer is spoken of as "copy," doubtless because the writers are supposed to send in a fair copy of their work; or possibly the word is ironically derived from the Latin word copia, ...
— A Distinguished Provincial at Paris • Honore de Balzac

... by the upper classes; and the girl with the laced hat and parasol, without underclothes, who does her best to 'shirk' her duties as housemaid, and is looking for marriage as an escape from work, is a fair copy of her mistress, who married for much the same reason, who hates housekeeping, and would rather board or do anything else than have the care of a family. The one is about ...
— Household Papers and Stories • Harriet Beecher Stowe

... joined headquarters (this was on the 16th), he sent in to me, at Brussels, for the plan of the position of Waterloo, which had been previously reconnoitred. The several sketches of the officers had been put together, and one fair copy made for the Prince of Orange. A second had been commenced in the drawing-room for the Duke, but was not in a state to send; I therefore forwarded the original sketches ...
— A Week at Waterloo in 1815 • Magdalene De Lancey

... accordingly, read the word Jeux, under which, amongst other proverbial expressions, there was, 'Jeux de princes, qui ne plaisent qu'a ceux qui les font.' (Princes' jokes, which amuse only those who make them.) She burst out laughing. The word, which was in fair copy, was finished. It would have been better to read a word which had to be weeded, because then we should all have spoken; but people were taken by surprise—the French always are. . . . After about an hour, the princess rose, ...
— A Popular History of France From The Earliest Times - Volume V. of VI. • Francois Pierre Guillaume Guizot

... be, will be)," said Tomaso coolly. "I have made a fair copy of these writings in the hope that I might send them ...
— Masters of the Guild • L. Lamprey

... process was finished and Harold was shutting up his pocket-book, in which he put the fair copy he had executed on a half- sheet of note paper, the old Squire came into the room again. Looking at his face, his visitor saw that the interview with "George" had evidently been anything but satisfactory, for it bore an expression of ...
— Colonel Quaritch, V.C. - A Tale of Country Life • H. Rider Haggard

... early stage of the proceedings, and the crown subsequently torn off, while "the Judge" is sopping his eye with cold water, in the next room, a small boy standing beside the sufferer with a basin, and glancing with interest over the advertisements on the second page of the San Diego Herald, a fair copy of which was struck off upon the back of his shirt, at the time we held him over the Press. Thus ends our description of this long anticipated personal collision, of which the public can believe precisely as much as they please; if they disbelieve the whole of it, ...
— The Book of Anecdotes and Budget of Fun; • Various

... chance. Let him repent and retract publicly, and the castigation should be remitted. Forthwith the avenger sat him down to a task of composition. The apology which, after sundry corrections and emendations, he finally produced in fair copy, was not alone complete and explicit: it was fairly abject. In such terms might a confessed and hopeless criminal cast himself desperately upon the mercy of the court. Previsioning this masterly apologium upon the first ...
— The Clarion • Samuel Hopkins Adams

... slender-barrelled sporting pistol. "Bet your life, Comteen!" she said. "I've always been too stingy to try out a first-class preserve on my own money. And this one is first class." She paused. "Comteen and Drura Lod really exist. We're a very fair copy of what they look like, and they'll be kept out of sight ...
— Legacy • James H Schmitz

... about my task—and luckily it was not only plainly written, but the subject-matter by no means difficult, being rather complimentary than technical. By the time they returned, I had not only translated, but made a fair copy of it, in my ...
— The Sketches of Seymour (Illustrated), Complete • Robert Seymour

... presidency of AUSTRULPHUS (ch. 13.), which began in 747 and ended in 753, a certain receptacle, in the form of a small pharos, was driven ashore in the district of Coriovallum, which contained a very fair copy of the four Gospels, beautifully written in Roman characters on the purest vellum; and part of the precious jaw of St. George the Martyr, as well as a portion of the "health-bearing" wood of the true cross, duly labelled. The acquisition of this treasure was of course ascribed to ...
— Notes & Queries, No. 30. Saturday, May 25, 1850 • Various

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