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Awareness   /əwˈɛrnəs/   Listen

Having knowledge of.  Synonyms: cognisance, cognizance, consciousness, knowingness.  "His sudden consciousness of the problem he faced" , "Their intelligence and general knowingness was impressive"
State of elementary or undifferentiated consciousness.  Synonym: sentience.

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"Awareness" Quotes from Famous Books

... with his child, it was his turn to submit. She sat opposite him, sewing, her foreign face inscrutable and indifferent. He felt he wanted to break her into acknowledgment of him, into awareness of him. It was insufferable that she had so obliterated him. He would smash her into regarding him. He had a raging agony of ...
— The Rainbow • D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence

... glanced casually about at the crowded groups that were like little samples of all the nations of the earth, and with no more than a faint awareness of the battery of eyes upon her she passed toward the tables by the railing. She was a slim little fairy of a girl, as fresh as a peach blossom, with a cloud of pale gold hair fluttering round her pretty face, which lent her a most ...
— The Palace of Darkened Windows • Mary Hastings Bradley

... the negative with the future, and by extension with the conditional, suggests a keen awareness of the underlying system, particularly since the Canadzucai rules to which he refers require the formation be made from the present. It should be noted that this rule is significantly more elegant than that which derives the ...
— Diego Collado's Grammar of the Japanese Language • Diego Collado

... a mere consciousness of something there, but fused in the central happiness of it, a startling awareness of some ineffable good. Not vague either, not like the emotional effect of some poem, or scene, or blossom, of music, but the sure knowledge of the close presence of a sort of mighty person, and after it went, the memory persisted as the one perception ...
— The Varieties of Religious Experience • William James

... when the big caduceus set into the sidewalk snapped him back to awareness of where he'd traveled. His undirected feet had led him much too far uptown, following old habits. This was the Medical Lobby building, where he'd spent more than enough time, including three weeks in custody before they stripped him of all ...
— Badge of Infamy • Lester del Rey

... when he is too much aware of God to be aware of himself. Then only does he not set himself too easy a task, for then he does not make his theme so that he may accomplish it; it is forced upon him by his awareness of God, by his wonder and value for an excellence not his own. So in all the beauty of art there is a humility not only of conception, but also of execution, which is mere failure and ugliness to those who expect to find ...
— Essays on Art • A. Clutton-Brock

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