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genus columnea
genus colutea
genus comandra
genus comatula
genus combretum
genus commelina
genus commiphora
genus compsognathus
genus comptonia
genus condylura
genus conepatus
genus conferva
genus conilurus
genus coniogramme
genus conium
genus connarus
genus connochaetes
genus conocarpus
genus conoclinium
genus conopodium
genus conospermum
genus conradina
genus consolida
genus contopus
genus conuropsis
genus convallaria
genus convolvulus
genus conyza
genus copernicia
genus coprinus
genus coptis
genus coracias
genus coragyps
genus corallorhiza
genus corchorus
genus cordaites
genus cordia
genus cordyline
genus cordylus
genus coregonus
genus coreopsis
genus coriandrum
genus corixa
genus cornus
genus corokia
genus coronilla
genus corozo
genus cortaderia
genus corticium
genus cortinarius
genus corvus
genus coryanthes
genus corydalis
genus corydalus
genus corylopsis
genus corylus
genus corynebacterium
genus corypha
genus coryphantha
genus corythosaurus
genus coscoroba
genus cosmocampus
genus cosmos
genus costia
genus cotinga
genus cotinus
genus cotoneaster
genus cottus
genus cotula
genus coturnix
genus coumarouna
genus cracticus
genus crambe
genus crangon
genus craspedia
genus crassostrea
genus crassula
genus crataegus
genus crateva
genus crax
genus crepis
genus crescentia
genus crex
genus cricetus
genus crocethia
genus crocodilus
genus crocodylus
genus crocus
genus crocuta
genus cronartium
genus crotalaria
genus crotalus
genus crotaphytus
genus croton