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genus chordospartium
genus choriotis
genus chorizagrotis
genus chorizema
genus christella
genus chronoperates
genus chrysanthemum
genus chrysaora
genus chrysemys
genus chrysobalanus
genus chrysochloris
genus chrysolepis
genus chrysolophus
genus chrysophrys
genus chrysophyllum
genus chrysopsis
genus chrysosplenium
genus chrysothamnus
genus chunga
genus cibotium
genus cicada
genus cicer
genus cichorium
genus ciconia
genus cicuta
genus cimex
genus cimicifuga
genus cinchona
genus cinclus
genus cinnamomum
genus circaea
genus circaetus
genus circus
genus cirsium
genus cistothorus
genus cistus
genus citellus
genus citharichthys
genus citroncirus
genus citrullus
genus citrus
genus cladonia
genus cladorhyncus
genus cladrastis
genus clangula
genus clathrus
genus claviceps
genus claytonia
genus cleistes
genus clematis
genus cleome
genus clethra
genus clethrionomys
genus clianthus
genus cliftonia
genus clinopodium
genus clintonia
genus clitocybe
genus clitoria
genus clostridium
genus clupea
genus clusia
genus cnemidophorus
genus cnicus
genus cnidoscolus
genus coccothraustes
genus cocculus
genus coccus
genus coccyzus
genus cochlearia
genus cochlearius
genus cocos
genus codariocalyx
genus codiaeum
genus coeloglossum
genus coelogyne
genus coelophysis
genus coereba
genus coffea
genus cola
genus colaptes
genus colchicum
genus coleonyx
genus coleus
genus colinus
genus collinsia
genus collinsonia
genus collocalia
genus colobus
genus colocasia
genus coluber
genus colubrina
genus columba