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genus capreolus
genus capricornis
genus caprimulgus
genus capros
genus capsella
genus capsicum
genus caragana
genus caranx
genus carassius
genus carcharhinus
genus carcharias
genus carcharodon
genus cardamine
genus cardiospermum
genus cardium
genus carduelis
genus carduus
genus caretta
genus carex
genus cariama
genus carica
genus carissa
genus carlina
genus carnegiea
genus carpenteria
genus carphophis
genus carpinus
genus carpobrotus
genus carpocapsa
genus carpodacus
genus carthamus
genus carum
genus carya
genus caryocar
genus caryota
genus casmerodius
genus cassia
genus cassiope
genus castanea
genus castanopsis
genus castanospermum
genus castilleia
genus castilleja
genus castor
genus castoroides
genus casuarina
genus casuarius
genus catacala
genus catalpa
genus catananche
genus catasetum
genus catha
genus catharacta
genus catharanthus
genus cathartes
genus cathaya
genus catoptrophorus
genus catostomus
genus cattleya
genus caulophyllum
genus cavia
genus cebuella
genus cebus
genus cecropia
genus cedrela
genus cedrus
genus ceiba
genus celastrus
genus celosia
genus celtis
genus cenchrus
genus centaurea
genus centaurium
genus centranthus
genus centrocercus
genus centrolobium
genus centropomus
genus centropristis
genus centropus
genus centrosema
genus centunculus
genus cephalanthera
genus cephalopterus
genus cephalotaxus
genus cephalotus
genus cepphus
genus cerapteryx
genus cerastes
genus cerastium
genus ceratitis
genus ceratodus
genus ceratonia