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genus bauhinia
genus beaumontia
genus begonia
genus belamcanda
genus bellis
genus bemisia
genus bennettitis
genus benzoin
genus berberis
genus bergenia
genus beroe
genus berteroa
genus bertholletia
genus bessera
genus besseya
genus beta
genus bettongia
genus betula
genus bibos
genus bidens
genus bignonia
genus biscutella
genus bison
genus bitis
genus blaberus
genus blandfordia
genus blarina
genus blastocladia
genus blastomyces
genus blatta
genus blattella
genus blechnum
genus blennius
genus blephilia
genus bletia
genus bletilla
genus blighia
genus blissus
genus bloomeria
genus bocconia
genus boehmeria
genus bolbitis
genus boletellus
genus boletus
genus boltonia
genus bomarea
genus bombax
genus bombina
genus bombus
genus bombycilla
genus bombyx
genus bonasa
genus borago
genus borassus
genus borrelia
genus bos
genus boselaphus
genus boswellia
genus botaurus
genus bothrops
genus botrychium
genus bougainvillaea
genus bougainvillea
genus bouteloua
genus bowiea
genus boykinia
genus brachinus
genus brachychiton
genus brachycome
genus brachystegia
genus bradypus
genus brama
genus branchiobdella
genus branta
genus brasenia
genus brassavola
genus brassia
genus brassica
genus brevoortia
genus brickelia
genus brodiaea
genus bromus
genus brontosaurus
genus broussonetia
genus browallia
genus browmius
genus bruchus
genus bruckenthalia
genus brugmansia
genus brunfelsia
genus brya
genus bryanthus
genus bryonia
genus bryum
genus bubalus
genus bubo
genus bubulcus
genus bucephala
genus buceros