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family caviidae
family cebidae
family cecidomyidae
family cecropiaceae
family celastraceae
family centrarchidae
family centriscidae
family centropomidae
family cephalobidae
family cephalotaceae
family cephalotaxaceae
family cerambycidae
family ceratodontidae
family ceratophyllaceae
family ceratopogonidae
family ceratopsidae
family ceratostomataceae
family cercidiphyllaceae
family cercopidae
family cercopithecidae
family certhiidae
family cervidae
family cestidae
family cetorhinidae
family chaetodontidae
family chalcidae
family chalcididae
family chamaeleonidae
family chamaeleontidae
family characeae
family characidae
family characinidae
family charadriidae
family chelonidae
family cheloniidae
family chelydridae
family chenopodiaceae
family chermidae
family chimaeridae
family chinchillidae
family chironomidae
family chlamydiaceae
family chlamydomonadaceae
family chloranthaceae
family chlorophthalmidae
family chrysochloridae
family chrysomelidae
family chrysopidae
family chytridiaceae
family cicadellidae
family cicadidae
family cichlidae
family cicindelidae
family ciconiidae
family cimicidae
family cinclidae
family circle
family cistaceae
family cladoniaceae
family clathraceae
family clavariaceae
family cleridae
family clethraceae
family clinidae
family clupeidae
family clusiaceae
family cobitidae
family coccidae
family coccinellidae
family coerebidae
family colchicaceae
family colubridae
family columbidae
family comatulidae
family combretaceae
family commelinaceae
family compositae
family congridae
family connaraceae
family convallariaceae
family convolvulaceae
family coprinaceae
family coraciidae
family cordaitaceae
family cordylidae