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family alcedinidae
family alcidae
family aleyrodidae
family alismataceae
family alliaceae
family alligatoridae
family allioniaceae
family aloeaceae
family alopiidae
family alstroemeriaceae
family amaranthaceae
family amaryllidaceae
family ambrosiaceae
family ambystomatidae
family ameiuridae
family amiidae
family ammodytidae
family amphioxidae
family amphisbaenidae
family amphiumidae
family amygdalaceae
family anabantidae
family anacardiaceae
family anarhichadidae
family anatidae
family ancylidae
family ancylostomatidae
family andrenidae
family anguidae
family anguillidae
family anhimidae
family anhingidae
family anniellidae
family annonaceae
family anobiidae
family anomalopidae
family anomiidae
family antedonidae
family antennariidae
family anthocerotaceae
family antilocapridae
family aphididae
family aphyllanthaceae
family apiaceae
family apidae
family aplodontiidae
family aplysiidae
family apocynaceae
family apodidae
family apogonidae
family apterygidae
family aquifoliaceae
family araceae
family araliaceae
family araucariaceae
family arcellidae
family arcidae
family arctiidae
family ardeidae
family arecaceae
family argasidae
family argentinidae
family argiopidae
family argonautidae
family ariidae
family aristolochiaceae
family armadillidiidae
family artamidae
family ascaphidae
family ascaridae
family asclepiadaceae
family asilidae
family asparagaceae
family aspergillaceae
family asphodelaceae
family aspleniaceae
family astacidae
family asteraceae
family atherinidae
family athiorhodaceae
family athyriaceae
family atrichornithidae
family atropidae
family aulostomidae
family auriculariaceae
family avicenniaceae
family azollaceae
family babesiidae
family bacillaceae
family bacteroidaceae
family balaenicipitidae
family balaenidae
family balaenopteridae
family balanidae
family balistidae
family balsaminaceae
family bangiaceae