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Yiddish  n.  A language used by German and other Jews, being a Middle German dialect developed under Hebrew and Slavic influence. It is written in Hebrew characters.

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"Yiddish" Quotes from Famous Books

... feelings, they manufactured spectacles for the operatic stage, and pandered to a taste which they least of all respected. Or, like Mendelssohn, they tried to adapt themselves to the alien atmosphere of Teutonic romance, and produced a musical jargon that resembles nothing in the world so much as Yiddish. Or, with Rubinstein, they gloved themselves in a pretty salon style in order to conceal all vestiges of the flesh, or tried, with Gustav Mahler, to intone "Ave Maria." Some, no doubt, would have preferred to have been true to themselves. Goldmark (the ...
— Musical Portraits - Interpretations of Twenty Modern Composers • Paul Rosenfeld

... me to speak English with difficulty. His native language was perhaps German, perhaps Hebrew or Yiddish or whatever the language is which modern Jews ...
— Gossamer - 1915 • George A. Birmingham

... of Bucharest had already given utterance to its entire satisfaction. If, however, the Jews are now to be placed in a special category, differentiated and kept apart from their fellow-citizens by having autonomous institutions, by the maintenance of the German-Yiddish dialect, which keeps alive the Teuton anti-Rumanian spirit, and by being authorized to regard the Rumanian state as an inferior tribunal, from which an appeal always lies to a foreign body—the government of the Great Powers—this would be the most invidious ...
— The Inside Story Of The Peace Conference • Emile Joseph Dillon

... would have to have its own separate catalogue. You see that even these two or three hundred books contain large volumes of small pamphlets in many languages—German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Yiddish, Swedish, Hungarian, Spanish; and here," he concluded, pointing to a recently numbered card, "is one ...
— Famous Affinities of History, Vol 1-4, Complete - The Romance of Devotion • Lyndon Orr

... When I reached that part of the Mile End Road in which the Jewish tailors live, and found myself listening to a foreign language which I afterwards knew to be Yiddish, and looking at men with curls at each side of their sallow faces, slithering along as if they were wearing eastern slippers without heels, I stopped, without knowing why, at the corner of a street where an Italian organ-man was playing ...
— The Woman Thou Gavest Me - Being the Story of Mary O'Neill • Hall Caine

Words linked to "Yiddish" :   meshuggener, parve, schmear, shlep, schmaltz, tsuris, shiksa, tshatshke, shmegegge, shnook, nudnik, shmo, High German, hutzpah, mishegoss, shmooze, putz, meshugga, nebbech, chutzpah, chutzpanik, meshugge, yenta, schlepper, mensch, schmegegge, kvetch, shlepper, ganof, tsatske, meshuga, schmalz, pareve, knish, shnorrer, German, kibitzer, shmear, nosh, schtick, pisha paysha, bagel, schlep, meshugaas, schmuck, schemozzle, chutzpa, schtik, shmaltz, shikse, nudnick, tchotchke, nebbish, shlimazel, shemozzle, schmeer, schlimazel, schlemiel, mensh, goniff, megillah, mishpachah, German language, shtick, mishpocha, knocker, schmo, shlemiel, chachka, shmuck, tsoris, tchotchkeleh, meshuggeneh, shtik, gonif, shegetz, ganef, klutz, mishegaas, schnorrer, schnook, beigel

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