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Subjunctive  n.  (Gram.) The subjunctive mood; also, a verb in the subjunctive mood.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Subjunctive" Quotes from Famous Books

... Conjunctions, corresponding to aunque, paraque, cuando, and the like which it is common to make use of with the subjunctive in Spanish do not exist in ...
— Grammatical Sketch of the Heve Language - Shea's Library Of American Linguistics. Volume III. • Buckingham Smith

... use in the subjunctive (in all persons) to express a condition; and would has a special use (in all persons) to express a wish, ...
— The Century Handbook of Writing • Garland Greever

... reflective would each have inanimate, and common and emphatic animate—fifteen. Double these for the plural, and we have thirty forms; and that multiplied by the sixteen tenses of the indicative, potential and subjunctive moods gives 480 forms of third person. The first and second persons have the same, minus the inanimate subject, or 20 each for each tense, making 640 more, or 1120 all together in those three moods. The imperative singular and plural, and the infinitive present and past, and the participles, ...
— History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan • Andrew J. Blackbird

... who had courtesied herself into the room, now asked to say a word concerning Mary. "She is," said she, "the very apple of my eye, and can parse a sentence containing three double relatives, two subjunctive moods and four nominatives ...
— The English Orphans • Mary Jane Holmes

... with the manner in which my articles appeared, without my seeing proof. Most likely these extracts were printed from my printed paper; if not the extractor was a good copier. I know this by a test which has often served me. I use the subjunctive—"if no man have done nothing," an ordinary transcriber, narrating a quotation almost always lets his own habit write has. The fourth extract has three alterations, all tending to make me ridiculous. None is altered, in two places, into nine, denial into decimal, and comes into ...
— A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume II (of II) • Augustus de Morgan

... hearts, ye double minded."—Gurney's Portable Evidences, p. 115. "It is a mean spirited action to steal; i. e. to steal is a mean spirited action."—Grammar of Alex. Murray, the schoolmaster, p. 124. "There is, indeed, one form of orthography which is a kin to the subjunctive mood of the Latin tongue."—Booth's Introd. to Dict., p. 71. "To bring him into nearer connexion with real and everyday life."—Philological Museum, Vol. i, p. 459. "The common place, stale declamation of its revilers ...
— The Grammar of English Grammars • Goold Brown

... may I die! let me die! As the subjunctive used with imperative value, depends on some desiderative verb understood, the que which would follow that verb is usually retained in Spanish (as in French), though not when V. ...
— Novelas Cortas • Pedro Antonio de Alarcon

... have three moods, indicative, imperative, and subjunctive; and they have, in the indicative, seven tenses, the present, imperfect, perfect, pluperfect, aorist, future, and paulo-post future. These moods and tenses are indicated either by changes of termination, or by prefixed particles, or by both conjoined. One authority makes six other ...
— The Iroquois Book of Rites • Horatio Hale

... sometimes not understanding an important word for several days, yet exerting every intellectual muscle to get some light in his darkness. Then, for, hours each day and almost every evening, it was grammar, grammar, grammar, till he wondered at times if all life meant an understanding of the subjunctive. Then, little by little, rays of hope. "I caught five words in ——'s lecture to-day!" Then it was ten, then twenty. Never a lecture of any day ...
— An American Idyll - The Life of Carleton H. Parker • Cornelia Stratton Parker

... Charon's Westerne barge Running a tilt at the Subjunctive mood, Beckoned to Bednal Green, and gave him charge To fasten ...
— A Nonsense Anthology • Collected by Carolyn Wells

... come/: provided that it please him to come. 'So' is used with the future and subjunctive to denote ...
— The New Hudson Shakespeare: Julius Caesar • William Shakespeare

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