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Roumanian  adj.  (Written also Rumanian and Romanian)  Of or pertaining to Roumania.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Roumanian" Quotes from Famous Books

... A Roumanian prince who had that day returned from a big game hunt in the mountains and who had been cordially urged by Symes to honor his wedding, adjusted his monocle and stood on a chair under a kerosene wall-lamp that he might ...
— The Lady Doc • Caroline Lockhart

... men found their way to the drawing-room, Mrs. Lenox had started Madeline on a career of song. She was already in the midst of a curious weird Roumanian thing, and Norris made straight for the piano. Lena, ethereal in pale blue, was sympathetically listening to perfection. She had lost her look of incongruity with her surroundings. The dreamy eyes and the transparent skin found their setting in her filmy ...
— Jewel Weed • Alice Ames Winter

... of Roumanian tales which, however, comprise but a small portion of the inexhaustible treasure that exists in the nation. The originals are scattered throughout Roumanian literature. The finest collection is Herr P. Ispirescu's, ...
— Roumanian Fairy Tales • Various

... the Slovene archaisms of form and structure, such as the persistence of the "v" for "u" and the final -l of the past participle, which have disappeared from Serbo-Croat, have been preserved in the dialects of Macedonia. The Bulgarian language, the south-eastern Serbian dialects, as well as Roumanian and Albanian, have certain grammatical peculiarities, through being influenced by the language of the Romanized Thraco-Illyrian peoples with whom they merged. Even Montenegro was to some degree influenced by this process, having lost one or two cases, such as the locative. In Serbia one uses seven ...
— The Birth of Yugoslavia, Volume 1 • Henry Baerlein

... answered modestly. "Russian, of course, for I am Russian; then French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Roumanian and English. Besides these I am familiar with a ...
— Vocal Mastery - Talks with Master Singers and Teachers • Harriette Brower

... Lindenschmit, 1870-1878. She was then invited to Bucharest by the Queen of Roumania, "Carmen Sylva." Here the artist illustrated the Queen's poem, "Ada," with a series of water-color sketches, and painted two landscapes from Roumanian scenery. Between 1883 and 1886 she made sketches for the mural decoration of the music-room at the castle of Sinoia. Later, in Brittany and Normandy, she made illustrations for the fisher-romances of Pierre Loti. At Berlin, in 1891-1892, she painted portraits, and then ...
— Women in the fine arts, from the Seventh Century B.C. to the Twentieth Century A.D. • Clara Erskine Clement

... some language," continued the interpreter, wiping his forehead, "of Austria and mixed with a little Turkish. And, den, he have some Magyar words and a Polish or two, and many like the Roumanian, but not without talk of one tribe in Bessarabia. I do ...
— The Trimmed Lamp • O. Henry

... strange paths that the fourteen-year-old Milan had thus come to his Principality. The son of Jefrenn Obrenovitch, uncle of the reigning Michael, he was cradled one August day in 1854, his mother being Marie Catargo, of the powerful race of Roumanian "Hospodars," a woman of strong passions and dissolute life. When her temper and infidelities had driven her husband to the drinking that put a premature end to his days, Marie transferred her affection, without the sanction of ...
— Love affairs of the Courts of Europe • Thornton Hall

... which suited her temper, was one of excitement and outward splendor. A house full of guests, horses, cards, hunting, racing, and the utmost liberty of conversation with the men of her acquaintance; this was the life she had led in her Roumanian home. ...
— The Northern Light • E. Werner

... capitals; thickliest from the pales of persecution, in rare units from the free realms of England and America—a strange phantasmagoria of faces. A small, sallow Pole, with high cheek-bones; a blond Hungarian, with a flaxen moustache; a brown, hatchet-faced Roumanian; a fresh-colored Frenchman, with eye-glasses; a dark, Marrano-descended Dutchman; a chubby German; a fiery-eyed Russian, tugging at his own hair with excitement, perhaps in prescience of the prison awaiting his return; a dusky Egyptian, with the ...
— Dreamers of the Ghetto • I. Zangwill

... Flemish Muhlenberg. Greek (Modern) Chatham Square. Hebrew Seward Park, Aguilar. Hungarian Tompkins Square, Hamilton Fish Park, Yorkville, Woodstock. Italian Hudson Park, Aguilar, Bond Street. Norwegian Tottenville. Polish Rivington Street, Tompkins Square, Columbus, Melrose. Roumanian Rivington Street. Russian Seward Park, Rivington Street, Hamilton Fish Park, 96th Street, Chatham Square. Slovak Webster. Spanish Jackson Square. Swedish 125th Street, 58th Street. Servian Muhlenberg. Yiddish Rivington Street, Seward Park, Hamilton ...
— Handbook of The New York Public Library • New York Public Library

... constructive scheme for which we are dying? It is easy to say the Democratization of Mankind. It is a matter of common assent that this consummation is ardently desired by the Royal Family of England, by enlightened Indian Princes, by the philanthropists of America, by the French artist, by the Roumanian peasant, by the howling syndicalist in South Wales, by the Belgian socialist, by the eager soul in the frail body who is at the helm of storm-tossed Russia to-day, by the Montenegrin mountaineer, by the Sydney Larrikin yelling down conscription, ...
— Defenders of Democracy • The Militia of Mercy

... of Roumania took every one by surprise. Beldiman, the Roumanian Minister here, was visiting the reigning Prince of Hohenzollern Sigmaringen, brother of the Roumanian King, and apparently knew nothing of the danger ...
— Face to Face with Kaiserism • James W. Gerard

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