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Prima facie   Listen
Prima facie  adv.  At first view; on the first appearance.
Prima facie evidence (of a fact) (Law), evidence which is sufficient to establish the fact unless rebutted.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Prima facie" Quotes from Famous Books

... of giving an apparition the benefit of every imaginable doubt which may absolve him from the charge of being a real genuine ghost. 'It is true,' she says, 'that ghosts are alleged sometimes to produce a physical effect on the external world;' but to admit this is 'to come into prima facie collision with the physical sciences' (an awful risk to run), so Mrs. Sidgwick, in a rather cavalier manner leaves ghosts who produce physical effects to be dealt with among the phenomena alleged to occur at seances. Now this is ...
— Cock Lane and Common-Sense • Andrew Lang

... the presence of a shotgun or rifle in a room or house, or building or tent, or camp of any description, within this Commonwealth, occupied by or controlled by an unnaturalized foreign-born resident shall be prima facie evidence that such gun is owned or controlled by the person occupying or controlling the property in which such gun is found, and shall render such person liable to the penalty imposed by section one of ...
— Our Vanishing Wild Life - Its Extermination and Preservation • William T. Hornaday

... you. You see, you couldn't get a legal license nor go through any of the other legal activities, ergo there would be a prima facie illegality about some part of the ceremony. Without being definite as to which phase, I would find it my duty to restrain you from indulging in any act the consummation ...
— The Big Fix • George Oliver Smith

... my Creed Tanti causas sciat ilia furosis What will yow? For the rest It is possible Not the lesse for that Allwaies provyded Yf yow stay thear for a tyme will yow see what shalbe the end. Incident Yow take it right All this while Whear stay we? prima facie. That agayne. more or less. I find that straunge It is bycause Not vnlike quasi vero Yf that be so Best of all What els Nothing lesse Yt cometh to that Hear yow faile To meet with that Bear with that ...
— Bacon is Shake-Speare • Sir Edwin Durning-Lawrence

... language are alike sacred. Homicide and verbicide—that is, violent treatment of a word with fatal results to its legitimate meaning, which is its life—are alike forbidden. Manslaughter, which is the meaning of the one, is the same as man's laughter, which is the end of the other. A pun is prima facie an insult to the person you are talking with. It implies utter indifference to or sublime contempt for his remarks, no matter how serious. I speak of total depravity, and one says all that is written on the subject is deep raving. I have committed my self-respect by talking with such a person. ...
— The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table • Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (The Physician and Poet not the Jurist)

... had absconded, leaving not the slightest indication of even the direction in which he had vanished. By many the suicide of the one and the sudden disappearance of the other, occurring simultaneously, were considered as prima facie evidence that the two, so closely associated with each other, had been in some way connected with ...
— That Mainwaring Affair • Maynard Barbour

... Well than sayd Mynos now let vs see. what this boystous Colus for hy{m}self cay say For here Prima facie to vs doth appere. That he hath offended no man can say naye wherfore thou Colus wythoute more delaye Shape vs an answere to thyne accusemente And elles I ...
— The Assemble of Goddes • Anonymous

... interrupted the officer. "Suspicion isn't evidence. We should want you to swear an information and give us enough facts to make out a prima facie case against some definite person. And you couldn't do it. Your information amounts to this: that a certain person has taken a poisonous dose of morphine and apparently recovered. That's all. You can't swear that the names given to you are real names, and you can't ...
— The Mystery of 31 New Inn • R. Austin Freeman

... least two of the essays which suggested vaguely that they had been written by a bishop. The essays were all of them in support of the Church of England, and appeared both by internal suggestion, and their prima facie purport to be the work of some half-dozen men of experience and high position who had determined to face the difficult questions of the day no less boldly from within the bosom of the Church than the Church's enemies had faced them from without ...
— The Way of All Flesh • Samuel Butler

... gather the least particle of meaning. He then took the book himself, and read me a chapter aloud. To my surprise, what he read proved to be a most horribly absurd account of a duel between two baboons. He now explained the mystery; showing that the volume, as it appeared prima facie, was written upon the plan of the nonsense verses of Du Bartas; that is to say, the language was ingeniously framed so as to present to the ear all the outward signs of intelligibility, and even of profundity, while in fact not a shadow of meaning existed. The key ...
— The Works of Edgar Allan Poe - Volume 4 (of 5) of the Raven Edition • Edgar Allan Poe

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