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Mono  n.  (Zool.) The black howler (Mycetes villosus), a monkey of Central America.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Mono" Quotes from Famous Books

... has concepts of classes of things, as, for instance, of horses, houses, men, women, trees, has already a genuine power of generalization. Let me also call attention to such words as "wake," "reason"; "mono," "thing"; "koto," "fact"; "aru," "is"; "oro," "lives"; "aru koto," "is fact," or "existence"; "ugoku koto," "movement"; "omoi," "thought"; this list might be indefinitely extended. Let the reader consider whether these ...
— Evolution Of The Japanese, Social And Psychic • Sidney L. Gulick

... what wonderful people and places! Why, we've only got to ATH—No. 135—now; it leaves off at Athanagilde, a captain of the Spanish Goths—he's nobody, but there are such apes in that number! The Mono—there's a picture of him, just like a man with a tail and horrid feet, who used to sit with the negro women when they were at work, and play with bits of paper; and a Quata, who used to be sent to the tavern for wine, and ...
— We and the World, Part I - A Book for Boys • Juliana Horatia Ewing

... evil, ill; mono is from Greek monos, single; pan (Greek), signifies all, every thing; and ...
— McGuffey's Eclectic Spelling Book • W. H. McGuffey

... forensic exercises in the Union Debating Society, and cant about the Gothic, the Oxford and Cambridge that turned boys full of life and hope and infinite possibility into barristers, politicians, mono-lingual diplomatists, bishops, schoolmasters, company directors, and remittance ...
— What is Coming? • H. G. Wells

... one ate to his heart's, or rather his appetite's, content. It was a more arduous undertaking to provide the running accompaniment of thought, or at least of words, without which the breakfast would have been little better than a pig-trough. The conversation or rather mono-polylogue, as some great performer calls it, ran in somewhat of the ...
— Loss and Gain - The Story of a Convert • John Henry Newman

... on the occasion of any funeral, and he was also partially subsidized. The only evidence of greatness possessed by his successor is his having about a hundred wives. When he dies a disputed succession and much fighting are expected. In reference to the term Monomotapa, it is to be remembered that Mono, Moene, Mona, Mana, or Morena, mean simply 'chief', and considerable confusion has arisen from naming different people by making a plural of the chief's name. The names Monomoizes, spelled also Monemuiges and Monomuizes, and Monomotapistas, when applied ...
— Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa - Journeys and Researches in South Africa • David Livingstone

... Gregory of Tours, and Jornandez. In the seventh and eighth centuries since, in addition to the low Latin of the Chroniclers, the Fredegaires and Paul Diacres, and the poems contained in the Bangor antiphonary which he sometimes read for the alphabetical and mono-rhymed hymn sung in honor of Saint Comgill, the literature limited itself almost exclusively to biographies of saints, to the legend of Saint Columban, written by the monk, Jonas, and to that of the blessed Cuthbert, written by the Venerable Bede from the notes ...
— Against The Grain • Joris-Karl Huysmans

... undoubtedly the most important food-tree on the Sierra, and furnishes the Mono, Carson, and Walker River Indians with more and better nuts than all the other species taken together. It is the Indians' own tree, and many a white man have they killed for cutting ...
— The Mountains of California • John Muir

... Mary (or any other little girl or boy) knows all the letters perfectly, let the teacher turn over a page and pronounce one of the mono-syllables. Do not say a, m, am—but say am at once, and point to the word. When the child knows that word, then point to the next, and say as, and be sure to follow the same plan throughout the book. Spelling lessons may be taught at a more advanced age; but it will ...
— Aunt Mary's Primer • Anonymous

... porti to carry. amiko friend. ricxa rich, wealthy. ankaux also. sablo sand. bezoni to need. sako sack, bag. dezerto desert. seka dry. fidela faithful. tamen nevertheless. mono money. trinki to drink. negxi to snow. veni to come. pluvi to rain. vojo ...
— A Complete Grammar of Esperanto • Ivy Kellerman

... cool, sparkling water, alone, that we craved. And of this, also, our store at first seemed ample. But as our voyage lengthened, and breezes blew faint, and calms fell fast, the idea of being deprived of the precious fluid grew into something little short of a mono- ...
— Mardi: and A Voyage Thither, Vol. I (of 2) • Herman Melville

... to learn refining, so that, when his claims developed, he could establish a mill and personally superintend the work. His stay was brief. He contracted a severe cold and came near getting poisoned by the chemicals. Recovering, he went with Higbie for an outing to Mono Lake, a ghastly, lifeless alkali sea among the hills, vividly described in ...
— The Boys' Life of Mark Twain • Albert Bigelow Paine

... clubfooted Grizzly ranged the Sierra Nevada from Lassen county to Mono, invulnerable, invincible and mysterious, and every old hunter in the mountains had an awesome story to tell of the ferocity and uncanny craft of the beast and of his own miraculous escape from the jaws of the bear after shooting enough lead at him to start a smelter. Old Brin was a never-failing ...
— Bears I Have Met—and Others • Allen Kelly

... instructive here is 2 Clem. ad Corinth. 20, 5 [Greek: to mono theo aorato, patri tes aletheias, to exatosteilanti hemin ton sotera kai archegon tes aphtharsias, di' ou kai ephanerosen hemin ten aletheian kai ten epouranion zoen, auto he doxa]. On the Holy Spirit ...
— History of Dogma, Volume 1 (of 7) • Adolph Harnack

... the range, the track in the fresh snow cut by the lead vehicle turned dark gray and then almost black. When the present storm had ended and before new snow fell again, the south slopes would again be stained with clouds of black, mono-molecular film, gushing out in clouds behind spray jets of the survey planes. Each successive layer was treated, lessening the evaporative surface effects of the sun upon the south slopes and holding as much of ...
— The Thirst Quenchers • Rick Raphael

... tumbled their leaden, mono- tonous sands And piled them up in a dull grey heap in the West. I carry my patience sullenly through the waste lands; To-morrow will pour them all back, the ...
— Bay - A Book of Poems • D. H. Lawrence

... followed the rail, held to it by the spike long enough for its bed to be filled with gravel and rotten leaves, so that now the crumbling, rotten timber thrust itself up at a curious slant. Old as the road was, it was manifest that it had been of the mono-rail type. ...
— The Scarlet Plague • Jack London

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