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Ley  adj.  Fallow; unseeded. (Obs.)

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Ley" Quotes from Famous Books

... risen, as their boat returned by a lengthened passage to the village. Broad and straight flows the Rhine in this part of its career. On one side lay the wooded village of Namedy, the hamlet of Fornech, backed by the blue rock of Kruezborner Ley, the mountains that shield the mysterious Brohl; and on the opposite shore they saw the mighty rock of Hammerstein, with the green and livid ruins sleeping in the melancholy moonlight. Two towers rose haughtily above the more dismantled wrecks. How changed since the alternate ...
— The Pilgrims Of The Rhine • Edward Bulwer-Lytton

... Gottlieb's possessions; corn-acres below Cologne; basalt-quarries about Linz; mineral-springs in Nassau, a legacy of the Romans to the genius and enterprise of the first of German traders. He could have bought up every hawking crag, owner and all, from Hatto's Tower to Rheineck. Lore-ley, combing her yellow locks against the night-cloud, beheld old Gottlieb's rafts endlessly stealing on the moonlight through the iron pass she peoples above St. Goar. A wailful host were the wives of his raftsmen widowed there ...
— The Shaving of Shagpat • George Meredith

... the old man in a hoarse whisper, "you must slip away quiet from here for a few days. Michael Ley is back in the village, an' he swears to shoot you if he can come across you. He'll do it, too, there's murder in the look of him. Get away under cover of night, 'tis only for a week or so, ...
— The Chronicles of Clovis • Saki

... Haldat Hanle Hare Harrison Hausman Heeren Henry Herepath Hevrant Higgins Hogy Hunt Hyde Jahn James Joy Karmarsch Kasleteyer Kindt Klaproth Kloen Knaffl Knecht Lanaux Lanet Larenaudiere Lemancy Lenormand Leonhardi Lewis Ley Kauf Link Lipowitz Lorme Luhring Lyons MacCullogh Mackensic Mathieu Maurin Maynard and Noyes Melville Mendes Meremee Merget Minet Moller Moore Mordan Moser Morrell Mozard Murray Nash Nissen Ohme Ott Paul Payen ...
— Forty Centuries of Ink • David N. Carvalho

... es verdad: ya no me acordaba. T, creyndome deshonrado, no puedes medir conmigo tus armas de caballero... Y para qu habas de exponer vida, si ah tienes la ley, auxiliar cmodo y barato, y 245 puedes aniquilarme con tu poder feudal sin ningn riesgo? Yo, que nada puedo, sucumbir, y t quedars triunfante, con la satisfaccin de haberte librado de un enemigo sin derramar ni una gota de ...
— Heath's Modern Language Series: Mariucha • Benito Perez Galdos

... encumbrance to the farmer. The oaks are desirable for splitting, as they make the most durable fences; pine, cedar, and white ash are also used for rail-cuts; maple and dry beech are the best sorts of wood for fires: white ash burns well. In making ley for soap, care is taken to use none but the ashes of hard wood, as oak, ash, maple, beech; any of the resinous trees are bad for the purpose, and the ley will not mingle with the fat. In boiling, to the great mortification of the uninitiated soap-boiler, ...
— The Backwoods of Canada • Catharine Parr Traill

... of leaching is found in the manufacture of potash. When water is poured over wood-ashes, it dissolves their potash which it carries through in solution, making ley. If ley is boiled to dryness, it leaves the potash in a solid form, proving that this substance had been dissolved by the water and removed from the insoluble ...
— The Elements of Agriculture - A Book for Young Farmers, with Questions Prepared for the Use of Schools • George E. Waring

... except the tartarous, this circumstance is one of the causes of difference. The acetous acid, or vinegar, is produced by exposing wine to a gentle heat, with the addition of some ferment: This is usually the ley, or mother, which has separated from other vinegar during fermentation, or some similar matter. The spiritous part of the wine, which consists of charcoal and hydrogen, is oxygenated, and converted into vinegar: This operation can only take place with free access of air, and ...
— Elements of Chemistry, - In a New Systematic Order, Containing all the Modern Discoveries • Antoine Lavoisier

... or carpenter, while his wife busied herself with domestic matters—baking bread, a hollow in a deserted ant-hill serving for an oven; churning butter in an earthen jar; running candles; making soap from ashes containing so little alkaline matter that the ley had to be kept boiling for a month or six weeks before it was strong enough for use. The wife was maid-of-all-work in doors, while the husband was Jack-at-all-trades outside. Three several times ...
— Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa - Journeys and Researches in South Africa • David Livingstone

... who died Anno Domini 1681 and of Jane his wife the daughter of William Wattson of Bengeworth Gent, who died Anno Domini 1683, aged 73 years, by whom he had Issue three Sons and two Daughters. Thomas Augustin and Jane ley buried here with them and Mary the youngest Daughter Married Humphrey Mayo of hope in the County of Herreford Gent, and William the Eldest Son Marchant in London set this Monument in a dutiful and ...
— Grain and Chaff from an English Manor • Arthur H. Savory

... the silent mausoleum of the Moon. But he duly admired Harriet's spacious room in the sanatorium, the recreation rooms, the auditorium; space-suited, he walked with her in the cold Earthlight; he attended her on the excursion trip to Ley Field, the interstellar rocket base on the far side of ...
— The Worshippers • Damon Francis Knight

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