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Disfurnish  v. t.  (past & past part. disfurnished; pres. part. disfurnishing)  To deprive of that with which anything is furnished (furniture, equipments, etc.); to strip; to render destitute; to divest. "I am a thing obscure, disfurnished of All merit, that can raise me higher."

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Disfurnish" Quotes from Famous Books

... Then know that I haue little wealth to loose; A man I am, cross'd with aduersitie: My riches, are these poore habiliments, Of which, if you should here disfurnish me, You take the sum and substance ...
— The First Folio [35 Plays] • William Shakespeare

... maintaine and pretend a priuiledge, that is to say, a priuate lawe against a publike and soueraigne lawe? Did euer any king or Prince witting and waring, suffer such a kinde of trafike which should make his enemie ouer mightie, and though hee did not disfurnish himselfe, yet shoulde leaue himselfe more open vnto his furie, which otherwise were like to be vnarmed and vnable ...
— A Declaration of the Causes, which mooved the chiefe Commanders of the Nauie of her most excellent Maiestie the Queene of England, in their voyage and expedition for Portingal, to take and arrest in t • Anonymous

... dishabille &c 225; the altogether; nudation^, denudation; decortication, depilation, excoriation, desquamation; molting; exfoliation; trichosis [Med.]. V. divest; uncover &c (cover) &c 223; denude, bare, strip; disfurnish^; undress, disrobe &c (dress, enrobe) &c 225; uncoif^; dismantle; put off, take off, cast off; doff; peel, pare, decorticate, excoriate, skin, scalp, flay; expose, lay open; exfoliate, molt, mew; cast the skin. Adj. divested &c v.; bare, naked, nude; undressed, undraped; denuded; ...
— Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases: Body • Roget

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