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Cartesian  adj.  Of or pertaining to the French philosopher René Descartes, or his philosophy. "The Cartesion argument for reality of matter."
Cartesian coordinates (Geom), distance of a point from lines or planes; used in a system of representing geometric quantities, invented by Descartes.
Cartesian devil, a small hollow glass figure, used in connection with a jar of water having an elastic top, to illustrate the effect of the compression or expansion of air in changing the specific gravity of bodies.
Cartesian oval (Geom.), a curve such that, for any point of the curve mr + m´r´ = c, where r and r´ are the distances of the point from the two foci and m, m´ and c are constant; used by Descartes.

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"Cartesian" Quotes from Famous Books

... infinite, which he either is actually or possibly. It is needless to remark that this whole argument, whatever may be said of the former one, is a pure fallacy, and a petitio principii throughout. The Cartesian form of it is the most glaringly fallacious, and indeed exposes itself; for by that reasoning we might prove the existence of a fiery dragon or any other phantom of the brain. But even King's more concealed sophism is equally absurd. What ground is there ...
— The Fallen Star; and, A Dissertation on the Origin of Evil • E. L. Bulwer; and, Lord Brougham

... evident from the manner in which (in Prop. xi.) I demonstrated the existence of God; it is evident, I repeat, from that proof, that the existence of God, like his essence, is an eternal truth. Further (in Prop. xix. of my "Principles of the Cartesian Philosophy"), I have proved the eternity of God, in another manner, which I ...
— The Ethics • Benedict de Spinoza

... or, supposing it cannot be proved, that it must renounce all pretensions to overstep the domain of faith and to encroach upon that of history and science. He quotes Strauss, Renan, Scherer, but he touches only the letter of them, not the spirit. Everywhere one sees the Cartesian dualism and a striking want of the genetic, historical, and critical sense. The idea of a living evolution has not penetrated into the consciousness of the orator. With every intention of dealing with things as they are, ...
— Amiel's Journal • Mrs. Humphry Ward

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