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Acoustic   Listen
Acoustic  adj.  Pertaining to the sense of hearing, the organs of hearing, or the science of sounds; auditory.
Acoustic duct, the auditory duct, or external passage of the ear.
Acoustic telegraph, a telegraph making audible signals; a telephone.
Acoustic vessels, brazen tubes or vessels, shaped like a bell, used in ancient theaters to propel the voices of the actors, so as to render them audible to a great distance.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Acoustic" Quotes from Famous Books

... face. Above the sound of busy wings the distant sea sang its low dirge. It was a living perspective of sound. The least rustle near at hand overpowered it, and yet it was always there—an unceasing throb to be felt as much as heard. Some acoustic formation of the land carried the noise, for the sea was eight miles away. It was very peaceful; for utter stillness is not peace. A room wherein an old clock ticks is infinitely more soothing than a ...
— The Slave Of The Lamp • Henry Seton Merriman

... of Otus and Ephialtes now?' he said; 'here is Menippus scaling Heaven! Well, well, for to-day consider yourself our guest. To-morrow we will treat with you of your business, and send you on your way.' And therewith he rose and walked to the acoustic centre of ...
— Works, V3 • Lucian of Samosata

... — N. hearing &c v.; audition, auscultation; eavesdropping; audibility. acute ear, nice ear, delicate ear, quick ear, sharp ear, correct ear, musical ear; ear for music. ear, auricle, lug, acoustic organs, auditory apparatus; eardrum, tympanum, tympanic membrane. [devices to aid human hearing by amplifying sound] ear trumpet, speaking trumpet, hearing aid, stethoscope. [distance within which direct hearing is possible] ...
— Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases: Body • Roget

... of Marble Cave is the largest unsupported, perfect arch in the world; it being one hundred feet longer than the famous Mormon Tabernacle at Salt Lake City. In addition to the artistic superiority of architectural form, its acoustic properties having been tested, it is found to be truly an auditorium. The curving walls and pure atmosphere combine to aid the voice, and carry its softest tones with marvelous distinctness to every portion of the immense inclosed space. As a concert hall its capacity has been tested by musicians ...
— Cave Regions of the Ozarks and Black Hills • Luella Agnes Owen

... learns to speak, o receives the sound-impressions; by a the acoustic-nerve excitations are passed along to K, and are here stored up, every distinctly heard sound (a tone, a syllable, a word) leaving an impression behind in K. It is very remarkable here that, among the many sounds and noises that impress themselves upon the ...
— The Mind of the Child, Part II • W. Preyer

... greater than that of the mechanical ones, and apparently independent of mechanical intensity. These are acoustic waves. Finally, there will doubtless be created optical waves, whose velocity will exceed that of the acoustic ones. That is to say, if a person fell into water from a great height, and all his senses were sufficiently acute, he would first perceive a luminous sensation when the first optical wave reached him, then he would perceive the sound produced, and later still he would ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 514, November 7, 1885 • Various

... aerial vibrations differ, but those vibrations only differ because the force makes them differ which is acting upon them. They don't generate tunes, but convey them. And the result, so far as our hearing is concerned, depends upon what are called the acoustic conditions under which the vibrations take place. Just so the brain possesses no generating function of its own; it deals with and transmits the ideas and emotions projected upon it according to the organic conditions by which it may be affected ...
— Fashionable Philosophy - and Other Sketches • Laurence Oliphant

... aesthetic faculty. The sense of hearing and that of seeing stand in polar opposition, and thus a natural scale offers itself by which we may rank and arrange our artists. At the one end of the scale is the acoustic artist, i.e., the musician. At the other end of the scale is the optic artist, the painter and sculptor. Between these, and comprising both these activities in his own, is the poet, who is both acoustic and optic artist. ...
— Introduction to Robert Browning • Hiram Corson

... remembered that there are natural phenomena to which some one has given the name "acoustic shadows." If you stand in an acoustic shadow there is one direction from which you will hear nothing. At the battle of Gaines's Mill, one of the fiercest conflicts of the Civil War, with a hundred guns in play, spectators a mile ...
— Can Such Things Be? • Ambrose Bierce

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