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Aconite   Listen
Aconite  n.  
(Bot.) The herb wolfsbane, or monkshood; applied to any plant of the genus Aconitum (tribe Hellebore), all the species of which are poisonous.
An extract or tincture obtained from Aconitum napellus, used as a poison and medicinally.
Winter aconite, a plant (Eranthis hyemalis) allied to the aconites.

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"Aconite" Quotes from Famous Books

... another similar remark to make about these specimen drops of philosophy. Do not fancy I am libelling it, if I say it is like hemlock, aconite, or other deadly poison. Those too, though they have death in them, will not kill if a man scrapes off the tiniest particle with the edge of his nail and tastes it; if they are not taken in the right quantity, the right manner, and the ...
— Works, V2 • Lucian of Samosata

... prepare the suspected witch for judicial examination, a particular diet was sometimes given her, to counteract the unguents she had anointed herself with, to make non-effective the preparations of belladonna, aconite, parsley, and other ingredients she had swallowed, and to render of no effect the charmed cocks' combs and rams' kidneys partaken ...
— The Mysteries of All Nations • James Grant

... heard the doctor venture, "I think it is aconite, but the symptoms are not quite the same. Besides, I don't see how it could have been administered. There's no mark on him that might have come from a hypodermic, no wound, not even a scratch. He ...
— The Treasure-Train • Arthur B. Reeve

... open when the soft wind or rain of Spring calls to them. Erica carnea with its whitish buds waiting for Spring to colour them, one of the earliest of the flowers. Or the seeds of Gentiana lutea or asclepedia or purpurea and of Aconite or Monkshood on their strong stems standing ...
— Ski-running • Katharine Symonds Furse

... Osmunda fern, the sort of flowers that people used to pick in days gone by, put a paper frill round, and call a nosegay or a posy. There was a lawn for tennis and cricket, a pond planted with irises and bulrushes, and a wild corner where crocuses and coltsfoot and golden aconite came up as they liked in the ...
— The Luckiest Girl in the School • Angela Brazil

... and they came to a little valley rich in bright yellow grass, topped by a stately plant that nodded and rustled in the wind as its many seed pods swayed like strings of dark pearls. It was the Monkshood, the deadly aconite, which, when the summer was young, hung its helmet flower in a shimmering veil of blue over the sweet grass of the Death Valley—the valley known of all animals as the Coulee of the Long Rest, for he who browsed there found his limbs bound in the ...
— The Outcasts • W. A. Fraser

... Aconite's well made, a cup of poyson Stuft with despatching simples, give him this, And he shall quickly leave all earthly blisse. There, take it, Fredericke, our last guift of grace; Since thou must die, Ile have ...
— A Collection Of Old English Plays, Vol. IV. • Editor: A.H. Bullen

... of the stinking land, Filth of the mouth and fog of the mind, Africa, that brags her foison, Breeds no such prodigious poison Henbane, nightshade, both together, Hemlock, aconite—- ...
— The Humourous Poetry of the English Language • James Parton

... console his wife, whose hysterical fit was succeeded by a racking headache, which by night was almost unbearable. Strong coffee, aconite, brandy, and belladonna, were all tried without effect. Nothing helped her until she commenced her toilet, when in the excitement of dressing she partly forgot her disquietude, and the pain in her head grew leas. ...
— Tracy Park • Mary Jane Holmes

... boundlesly infused; thou sometimes secretary to Pierce Pennylesse and master of his requests, ingenious, ingenuous, fluent, facetious T. Nash, from whose aboundant pen hony flow'd to thy friends, and mortall aconite to thy enemies; thou that madest the doctor a flat dunce[298] ... sharpest satyre, luculent poet, elegant orator, get leave for thy ghost to come from her abiding and to dwell ...
— The English Novel in the Time of Shakespeare • J. J. Jusserand

... little head on mamma's breast and go to sleep, and pretty soon—oh, I know she can't live till morning! Mortimer, a tablespoonful every half-hour will—Oh, the child needs belladonna, too; I know she does—and aconite. Get them, Mortimer. Now do let me have my way. You know nothing ...
— Innocents abroad • Mark Twain

... cases where our treatment fails to cure, the failure is due to the patient taking aconite as an allopathic remedy. Used homoeopathically, it may be harmless, but if taken in considerable doses, even once a month, it prevents all cure. It gives relief in heart palpitation, and in case of extreme sensibility, but its other poisonous effects far outweigh ...
— Papers on Health • John Kirk

... fatal cases have occurred of persons being poisoned by taking Aconite root in mistake for a stick of Horse radish, and eating it when scraped. But the two roots differ materially in shape, colour, and taste, so as to be easily discriminated: furthermore the leaves of the Aconite—supposing them to be attached to the root—are not to be mistaken ...
— Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure • William Thomas Fernie

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