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Acetate  n.  (Chem.) A salt formed by the union of acetic acid with a base or positive radical; as, acetate of lead, acetate of potash.

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"Acetate" Quotes from Famous Books

... first edition (p. 35) we have committed ourselves to the statement that 'on boiling cotton with acetic anhydride and sodium acetate no reaction occurs.' This is erroneous. The error arises, however, from the somewhat vague statements of Schutzenberger's researches which are current in the text-books [e.g. Beilstein, 1 ed. p. 586] ...
— Researches on Cellulose - 1895-1900 • C. F. Cross

... sheathing ships and covering houses is lost from corrosion; but the rest is generally remelted. Some is lost in small brass articles, and some is consumed in the formation of salts, Roman vitriol (sulphate of copper), verdigris (acetate of copper), ...
— On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures • Charles Babbage

... give the sensation of bitter, and the question is, what there is common to all these substances. The sweet taste is aroused not only by sugar, but by glycerine, saccharine, and even "sugar of lead" (lead acetate). The sour taste is aroused by most acids, but not by all, and also by some substances that are not chemically acids. Thus the chemistry of taste stimuli involves ...
— Psychology - A Study Of Mental Life • Robert S. Woodworth

... difficult thing to get clear of a cold if taken in time. Confinement to the house for a day, or even two, a lowered diet, a mixture of the solution of acetate of ammonia and spirits of sweet nitre the first day, some aperient medicine and an ordinary cough mixture the second or third day, warmer clothing and avoidance of exposure to high winds; this treatment will be found successful in nine cases out ...
— The Girl's Own Paper, Vol. VIII, No. 354, October 9, 1886 • Various

... a new standard light for photometric purposes, which promises to be very simple and effective in operation. The light is produced by an open flame of amyl-acetate burning from a wick of cotton fiber which fills a tube of German silver 1 in. long and 316 mils. internal diameter; the external diameter being 324 mils. The flame is 1.58 in. high from top to bottom; and it ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 441, June 14, 1884. • Various

... solution of mineral matters obtained from Experiment 3, add acetate of soda until free acetic acid is present, recognized by the smell (like dilute vinegar); then add oxalate of ammonia. The result will be a copious white precipitate of ...
— A Practical Physiology • Albert F. Blaisdell

... destroying the organic material in the beer by digestion with strong sulphuric acid and nitric acid and determining the phosphoric acid finally by the optional volumetric method (ibid., p. 4). The uranium acetate method given for beers was not used, for the reason that it was found to be exceedingly difficult to obtain ...
— A Study Of American Beers and Ales • L.M. Tolman

... of acetate of lead, we pass a current through two platinum electrodes, we observe the formation, at the negative pole, of numerous arborizations of metallic lead that grow under the observer's eye (Fig. 1). The ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 613, October 1, 1887 • Various

... precipitated in the form of carbonate of lime, partly dissolved in the liquid by the carbonic acid. The soluble salts seemed to us to be a mixture or combination of 1 equivalent of metacetate of lime, with 2 equivalents of the acetate, for every 10 equivalents of carbonic acid produced, the whole corresponding to the fermentation of 3 equivalents of neutral tartrate of lime. [Footnote: The following is a curious consequence of these numbers and of the nature ...
— The Harvard Classics Volume 38 - Scientific Papers (Physiology, Medicine, Surgery, Geology) • Various

... give merely the commercial markings of the lamps. They had been photometered carefully by two observers by means of a Lummer-Brodhun photometer and a Hefner amyl acetate lamp previous to their use in the experiment. For the photometric measurements in connection with the Weber's law tests I made use of the Hefner lamp with the hope of attaining greater accuracy than had been possible with a standard paraffine ...
— The Dancing Mouse - A Study in Animal Behavior • Robert M. Yerkes

... method of analysis for caffetannic acid (No. 24) given at the end of this chapter, there are many chances of error, although this procedure is the best yet devised. Lead acetate forms three different compounds with "caffetannic acid," so that this reagent must be added with extreme care in order to precipitate the compound desired. The precipitate, upon forming, mechanically carries down with it any fats ...
— All About Coffee • William H. Ukers

... forms closely resembling the forms of the vegetable world. What is known as "metallic vegetation," as shown in the "lead tree," gives us an interesting example of this phenomenon. The experiment is performed by placing in a wide-necked bottle a clear acidulated solution of acetate of lead. The bottle is corked, a piece of copper wire being fastened to the cork, from which wire is suspended a piece of zinc, the latter hanging as nearly as possible in the center of the lead solution. When the bottle is corked the copper wire immediately begins to surround ...
— A Series of Lessons in Gnani Yoga • Yogi Ramacharaka

... the eggs, when deposited in woolen cloths, etc., use a solution of acetate of potash in spirits of rosemary, fifteen grains ...
— The Handy Cyclopedia of Things Worth Knowing - A Manual of Ready Reference • Joseph Triemens

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