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Aboveboard  adv.  Above the board or table. Hence: in open sight; without trick, concealment, or deception. "Fair and aboveboard." Note: This expression is said by Johnson to have been borrowed from gamesters, who, when they change their cards, put their hands under the table.

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"Aboveboard" Quotes from Famous Books

... persons. But there have been a sufficient number of exposes, as well as court decisions, to make the business of fraudulent land promotion a dangerous one. All types of real-estate dealers are increasingly realizing the need for making their transactions aboveboard and honest. Steps to this end are being taken by the ...
— A Stake in the Land • Peter Alexander Speek

... so.' But he does,—only his father knows he does; he a'n't punished, if he isn't in at nine o'clock for prayers, without telling where he's been. It's all underhanded with me, and with Phil it's all aboveboard. I have to read proper books that I don't care a copper about, and so I steal 'em into my chamber; and Aunt Eliza, prying about, finds 'Arabian Nights' hid under the sheets; and then there's a row! Phil reads 'em; and there's nobody forever looking over his shoulder to ...
— The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 16, No. 93, July, 1865 • Various

... said Morphew delightedly. 'It's all aboveboard. There's a devilish good business to be made; it depends only on the man. Why, Denbow has made as much as two hundred in a year out of printing for amateurs alone. It's his own fault that he didn't keep it up. I swear, Rolfe, that with capital and ...
— The Whirlpool • George Gissing

... This sounded like serious business, and he began to feel something like indignation surging up within him. If there was anything Jack Winters despised it was underhand work. Straight and aboveboard himself he was unable to conceive how any fellow could so demean himself as to ...
— Jack Winters' Gridiron Chums • Mark Overton

... crossed sling-buckles. And how my heart drummed and the red blood leaped in me to beat in neck and temple, at sight of my own comrades! And how I envied them, free to ride erect and proud in the light of day, harnessed for battle, flying no false colors for concealment—all fair and clean and aboveboard! And I a spy! ...
— The Reckoning • Robert W. Chambers

... is settled [Crossing in front of JOHN and facing WILL, back to audience.] just the way it ought to be—frankly and aboveboard? ...
— The Easiest Way - Representative Plays by American Dramatists: 1856-1911 • Eugene Walter

... if I was to get on the blind side of 'em, it'd have to be by means of throwin' you into a genuine, downright passion with me. Besides, if you'll excuse me for sayin' of it, Captain Saint Leger, you ain't much of a hactor, sir; you're altogether too fair, and straightfor'ard, and aboveboard to be able to deceive, or fight on equal terms with a lot of sharp, sly, underhand, sneakin' beggars like them in the fo'c's'le. So says I to myself, 'Joe,' says I, 'if you wants that crowd to believe as you're out of the ...
— The Cruise of the "Esmeralda" • Harry Collingwood

... regardless. The authorities, they get worried because a Kanaka's spree lands him, like as not, in a blackbirder. Mighty queer craft hang round at this season. There ain't supposed to be anything doing in these blessed islands that ain't aboveboard, but 'tisn't as though the ...
— The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story • Various

... flushing and laughing at the same moment, "to say truth, I am not used to pump, as you may see, nor to be otherwise than fair and aboveboard, as I hope you will believe; but the fact is that a very curious thing has occurred at our house, and I am puzzled as well as suspicious, and ...
— Shifting Winds - A Tough Yarn • R.M. Ballantyne

... "what a tangled web we weave When first we practice to deceive." But when we tell the truth, we have no need to remember what we said; there is a carefree heartiness about the life that is open and aboveboard that the liar, unless he has given up trying to ...
— Problems of Conduct • Durant Drake

... from applying the word deceit to his charging groceries and keeping Mr. Bartlett's money over at the Bullfinches', but he had not been able to get away from an uneasy feeling about what he had been doing. It was his nature to be open and aboveboard. The past month ...
— Jerry's Charge Account • Hazel Hutchins Wilson

... he continued, with a sceptical laugh. "Is it not written ... in the society papers? But it has always been aboveboard—and harmless enough...." ...
— Roden's Corner • Henry Seton Merriman

... to scandalize ourselves for Bill Humble's sake. In a straight and legitimate business,' says I, 'we could afford to introduce a little foul play and chicanery, but in a disorderly and heinous piece of malpractice like this it seems to me that the straightforward and aboveboard way is the best. I propose,' says I, 'that we hand over $500 of this money to the chairman of the national campaign committee, get a receipt, lay the receipt on the President's desk and tell him about Bill. The President ...
— The Gentle Grafter • O. Henry

... Whitey had some qualms about listening, but he soon dismissed them. If these men were open and aboveboard, why were they whispering in the dimly lighted bunk house? Whitey had never been able to overcome the first distrust he had felt for String Beans and Ham. He also had a feeling that he ought to justify that distrust, ...
— Injun and Whitey to the Rescue • William S. Hart

... in that look I saw the only thing that ever frightened me in looking into a man's eyes in my whole life. And there is one thing that I have to remember to caution Donald about. He must carry on this contest in a perfectly open, fair, and aboveboard way, and he simply must not antagonize Oka Sayye. There are so many of the Japs. They all look so much alike, and there's a blood brotherhood between them that will make them protect each other to the death against any white man. ...
— Her Father's Daughter • Gene Stratton-Porter

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