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genus lutjanus
genus lutra
genus luvarus
genus lycaena
genus lycaeon
genus lychnis
genus lycium
genus lycoperdon
genus lycopersicon
genus lycopersicum
genus lycopodium
genus lycopus
genus lycosa
genus lyginopteris
genus lygodium
genus lygus
genus lymantria
genus lynx
genus lyonia
genus lyrurus
genus lysichiton
genus lysichitum
genus lysiloma
genus lysimachia
genus lythrum
genus macaca
genus macadamia
genus machaeranthera
genus macleaya
genus maclura
genus macowanites
genus macrocephalon
genus macrocheira
genus macroclemys
genus macrodactylus
genus macronectes
genus macropus
genus macrothelypteris
genus macrotis
genus macrotus
genus macrotyloma
genus macrozamia
genus macrozoarces
genus madia
genus madoqua
genus maeandra
genus magicicada
genus magnolia
genus mahonia
genus maia
genus maianthemum
genus maja
genus majorana
genus makaira
genus malaclemys
genus malacosoma
genus malacothamnus
genus malaxis
genus malcolmia
genus mallotus
genus malope
genus malopterurus
genus malosma
genus malpighia
genus malus
genus malva
genus malvastrum
genus malvaviscus
genus mammea
genus mammillaria
genus mammut
genus mammuthus
genus mandevilla
genus mandragora
genus mandrillus
genus manduca
genus mangifera
genus manglietia
genus manihot
genus manilkara
genus manis
genus manta
genus mantis
genus maranta
genus marasmius
genus marattia
genus marchantia
genus marmota
genus marrubium