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genus heuchera
genus hevea
genus hexagrammos
genus hexalectris
genus hexamita
genus hexanchus
genus hibbertia
genus hibiscus
genus hieracium
genus himantoglossum
genus himantopus
genus hippeastrum
genus hippobosca
genus hippocampus
genus hippocrepis
genus hippodamia
genus hippoglossoides
genus hippoglossus
genus hippopotamus
genus hipposideros
genus hippotragus
genus hipsurus
genus hirudo
genus hirundo
genus hoheria
genus holarrhena
genus holbrookia
genus holcus
genus holocentrus
genus holothuria
genus homarus
genus homo
genus homogyne
genus homona
genus hordeum
genus horneophyton
genus hosta
genus hottonia
genus houttuynia
genus hovea
genus hoya
genus hudsonia
genus hugueninia
genus hulsea
genus humulus
genus hunnemania
genus hyacinthoides
genus hyacinthus
genus hyaena
genus hyalophora
genus hyalosperma
genus hybanthus
genus hydnocarpus
genus hydnum
genus hydra
genus hydrangea
genus hydrastis
genus hydrilla
genus hydrobates
genus hydrocharis
genus hydrochoerus
genus hydrodamalis
genus hydromantes
genus hydromys
genus hydrophyllum
genus hyemoschus
genus hygrocybe
genus hygrophorus
genus hygrotrama
genus hyla
genus hylactophryne
genus hylobates
genus hylocereus
genus hylocichla
genus hylophylax
genus hymenaea
genus hymenanthera
genus hymenophyllum
genus hynerpeton
genus hyoscyamus
genus hypentelium
genus hypericum
genus hyperoglyphe
genus hyperoodon
genus hyphantria
genus hypochaeris